McGrath Cheese Company is an artisan producer located in

New York’s Hudson Valley.

We hand craft every batch of cheese using only the best milk available to us from small local dairies. We place the highest value in the relationships we have with our farmers as they are the backbone to our cheese's success. The craft of making artisan cheese is an age old tradition that we strive to pay homage to with every batch we make.


Fresco Milk Type- Pasteurized Cows’ Milk Rennet- Microbial Age- Fresh Profile- Fresco is a pasteurized cows' milk cheese that goes from fresh milk to cheese within 48 hours. Its clean buttery flavor is accompanied by a luscious spreadable texture. Fresco offers great versatility as the accompaniment to endless dishes or eaten all by itself. Victoria Milk Type- Pasteurized Cows’ Milk Rennet- Veal Age- 5-7 weeks Profile- Aged only 5-7 weeks, Victoria’s texture is smooth and buttery. The interior is surrounded by a white dusted rind with orange hues. Victoria’s flavor is balanced with a delicate milky flavor and followed with a pleasantly funky finish. Rascal Milk Type- Raw cows’ milk Rennet- Veal Age- 3-4 months Profile- With a dense fudgy texture, Rascal is aged to perfection and torched on its outer rind. The semi soft texture is complimented by earthy, pungent flavors with a toasted finish. Rascal is a stand alone cheese that pairs well with cured meats and good beer.

 Photo by ©Francesco Mastalia

Cheese Maker Colin McGrath is the founder of McGrath Cheese Company.  Colin began his career in the food industry at the young age of 15.  His work in restaurants fed his passion for food and led him to study at and get his degree from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.  Colin’s work in the food industry then led him down a different path as he fell in love with the art, science, and tradition of making cheese.  At the age of 20, Colin became Head Cheese Maker at Sprout Creek Farm in Poughkeepsie, NY.  In his time at Sprout Creek, Colin has developed an award-winning line of cow and goat’s milk cheeses. Colin’s cheeses have been nationally recognized over a dozen times. Some of his proudest recognitions include: 1st place in the United States Championship Cheese awards, 2 Good Food Awards, 1st place in The New York State Fair Dairy Competition,  Multiple 1st places in the American Cheese Society Annual Competition, and 3rd Best in Show at The American Cheese Society Annual Competition.  Colin has now turned his dream into reality by founding McGrath Cheese Company.


Colin knows that high quality milk is the backbone of the cheeses he creates.  Therefore, he is committed to building good relationships with local farmers and giving them a fair price for the best, local milk available. Colin lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with his wife and two children.


Fostering relationships and maintaining traditions with every batch of cheese.

Colin McGrath

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